Funny to write about how to use this cookbook, it's just cooking at the end of the day, or is it?! 

I guess it's important because I want you, the cook, the chef, the consumer to remember to take a deep breath and enjoy all that cooking can be. 

This book is not for the pretentious one who only gets the pretty and structured, no, this for the one who just wants to have fun in the kitchen and not stress out. 

Cooking should be fun, a dance of passion and enjoyment, serenity and fulfillment. I have spent the better part of the last 37 years in the kitchen, cooking, creating, developing, failing and trying to better myself, my team, my customers experience with every dish that comes from my kitchens, my heart, my soul, and this book was created with fun as the end game. I have learned many good, valuable lessons in my kitchens, working for some amazing people and not so amazing people. I have been blessed in having some of the most wonderful people working with me and some the worst in human behavior working for me, its just a fact, welcome to the show. Suffice to say, I am blessed.  

Each chapter is setup by season, each season has recipes of Burgers, Bowls and Jars. Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Within each chapter are recipes within the season, a mood and emotion that each seasons evokes in my cooking style for that season. This cookbook is a guideline in creating fun burgers, bowls and jars. There is freedom in cooking (unless it's baking and pastries, then its science), but the cookbook is designed to give  exibility and fun creativity, there are no rules, no way you “have to” do it.  

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